Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Change of Plans

We saw the Northern Lights! At about 1 am, the front desk called our room to let us know that something was cooking. As I mentioned yesterday, there is a night watchman whose entire focus is on watching the sky - speaking of which, I hope he has health benefits because craning constantly can fuck up one's neck...

At any rate, it was cloudy but Pappa Bear got a few solid photos.

To celebrate, we came back to our room and drank the respective bottles of alcohol purchased at JFK while listening to more standup comedy.

After sleeping in, we caught the free hotel breakfast. I complimented the staff for playing James Blake in the background.

Once we'd all showered, we sat down to map out our day. And unfortunately the entirety of Northeast Iceland loomed like a mess. With most major roads covered in snow and some completely impassable, we decided to ditch our trip to Hofn and head back west to Reykjavik. We'll spend the night there before heading northwest tomorrow.

Attached is a picture of darkness. That's all my lame camera phone could muster during last night's light show.

PS- I wrote this on my phone from the back of a moving car. Forgive the typos.

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