Thursday, March 21, 2013

Winding Down: Touring Akureyri

Today, our tour guide was one of the goalkeepers for the local football teams. Total bro. Although I was a little perturbed after he noted that he'd come to pick us up after taking his driving exam and nearly failing!

At any rate, we set out to see waterfalls and nature and shit like that. My favorite stop was an area chalk full of geothermal activity. It felt otherworldly once more, which explains why the area was used for the filming of movies like Oblivion and Prometheus.

Apparently folks like Bono have also dropped by the town to do a bit of fly fishing. Color me impressed.

Mike and Andrew were also bold enough to try the rotten shark. Based on what I smelled, these guys won't ever be the same again.

It looks like we'll fall short on our quest to eat Puffin due to some foolish government restrictions. But tonight we will dine once more before setting out for the airport at the crack of dawn.

PS - I ate snow and it was delicious. #nofilter

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