Monday, March 18, 2013

Iceland: The Journey Continues

Well - we just finished up a day's worth of driving. After waking up at 5:40 AM, we journeyed to the airport before sunlight broke. Once there, we grabbed our rental car and Pappa Bear got the mission underway.

After accidentally embarking upon an hour-long hike to a cliff through other worldly terrain, we were able to confirm that there are indeed cliffs in Iceland. #firstworldstatus

Over the next 6 hours, we stopped periodically to check out waterfalls and awesome shit like that. We also made a pit stop at the disrespectful volcano that disrupted tons of air travel back in 2010. This stop was funny because it was accompanied by a sassy sign from a farm at the base of the volcano touting its awesomeness. Good for them.

Now we are sitting in a remote hotel room with a window that stares out at a glacier. That's legit. And as a bonus, the hotel guy informed us that a night watchman stays up ALL night to see if he detects Northern Lights activity. This could make up for Saturday's epic failure of a Northern Lights tour.

Hope to grab some pictures in a few hours!

PS - we are passing time listening to Hannibal Buress instead of watching Icelandic talk shows. Pappa Bear knew exactly what we needed.

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