Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Reading: Bright Lights, Big City

The streak continues! Just completed "Bright Lights, Big City" by Jay McInerney. A quick and easy read that taught me the following:

  • In many ways, New York has gotten a face lift that has resulted in the desirability and quality of life in South Manhattan (defined as south of 14th Street) improving significantly.
  • Even still, young real world protagonists similar to McInerney's 'you' (yes, it's written in 2nd person) roam the streets of New York seeking an unachievable sense of fulfillment from being on The Scene. 
  • It's important for me to start shopping J. Press.
  • I wish that I'd been able to have drinks at Lion's Head
And the final paragraph sneaked up on me and then blew me the fuck away:
You get down on your knees and tear open the bag. The smell of warm dough envelops you. The first bite sticks in your throat and you almost gag. You will have to go slowly. You will have to learn everything all over again. 

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