Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where are they now?

Little Hercules

Remember this Little Hercules guy? He was like a frickin' bodybuilder from the moment he was born. He was all the craze about 8ish years ago.

And then all of a sudden he got older and lost the cuteness typically associated with being a boy bodybuilder.

Now he's 16 and few people care about him. Randomly enough he was interviewed by Thrillist and the junk popped up in my inbox.

I still could care less about the kid even though he's in this awkward phase of neglect. The biggest piece of news in this kids life is that he has a movie coming out with Hulk Hogan that was filmed over 4 years (can you say straight to DVD anyone?).

But last I checked, Hulk Hogan was fondling his daughter and as a result his stock in life was dropping...poor guy.

Yes, that's the spot daddy.

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