Monday, December 22, 2008

The Art of Emoticons

Ok dear readers, I actually need some feedback on this. How many people use emoticons when communicating? And of those people, how many of you use emoticons in the business world? I suspect/hope that the second number is much smaller than the first.

I've been communicating with a few of my buddies and have decided that I don't like when people make use of emoticons. It all feels so insincere.

In fact, I have long turned my back on trusting the relay of emotion through computers. For instance, people use LOL all the f'ing time. However, when people really mean it, they'll say something like: I'm literally LOLing - I'm sitting at my computer laughing and people are looking at me.

And I can't count myself innocent, I use things like LOL even when I'm upset. See below...

Myster Girl: Hey Dontae, you have a sec?
Dontae: OMG, of course I do. What's up?
MG: I think you have a problem with commitment.
Dontae: WTF? :(
Dontae: No I don't
MG: We've been hanging out for 4 months and you still don't want to settle down.
MG: I think you have a serious problem.
Dontae: LOL

The internet is all an elaborate lie. Save for the URL for my blog, you might not even be reading material written by the guy that you think is writing this material (although I swear that you are. It's me, it's literaly me!)

Sooooo, let me know what you think about all of this. Leave a comment, don't ping your answer to me. Just because I occasionally blog at work, don't think that I'm always available to discuss my blog at work via chat or email.

And just so I can cut off my nose to spite my face, I'll end by saying I <3 you all! :)

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MKNG1tHappen said...

you don't like emoticons :*(