Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't Let The Bright Lights Fool You

I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm fresh off a trip to Las Vegas. During said trip I set up camp in the Hooters Hotel.

Here's why it seemed like a good idea:

1. Cheap ass rooms.
2. Not too far from the Strip
3. I love Hooters (see picture above to understand why)
4. $0.25 wings from midnight til 6 AM
5. (please take one more look at the picture above)
6. $3 blackjack - 24/7

Here is why staying at Hooters turned out to be a bad idea:

1. The swimming pool sucks, we were sitting in the shade by 2 o'clock.
2. Poor people gamble and stay at Hooters - I don't like to think of myself as poor
3. $3 blackjack was crowded 24/7
4. Went into a bar, and every woman there was with her husband
5. The Hooters food was unusually bad, and laced with dangerous amounts of sodium
6. Dan Marino's restaurant is a piece of crap, with bad quotes on the ground
7. The wings couldn't be ordered to go!
8. We were expected to drunkenly wait for 30 minutes to order those wings
9. Customer service sucked
10. The Hooters girls were not worth the hype, so I had no desire to take pictures

There are a number of additional reasons why I did not enjoy my stay at Hooters. If you have additional questions, I'd be happy to share additional answers.


Doug Thomsen said...

I knew the girls weren't worth the hype, but didn't want to burst your bubble since you had already booked everything. Better luck next time.


LeanBack said...

lol @ #6. lol.

Unknown said...

This is a great post. I mean who wouldn't think that this was a great idea, until you actually go. Hello buzz kill....