Sunday, April 27, 2008

Exposed Feet

Here is a poem that I wrote. I would like to dedicate it to those women that love to walk around without their shoes on.

Oh, barefoot girl
Look at those feet
You shoeless-ly move with reckless abandon
When walking down the street

Oh, barefoot girl
How did you get to be so brave…
When I see you walking around after the club
I truly am amazed

Oh, barefoot girl
Put back on your shoe
The ground is quite dirty
And poses a great risk to you

Oh, barefoot girl
Why won’t you hear my plea
After walking around on pavement
You’ll surely expect me to rub your feet

Oh, barefoot girl
There is cause for my alarm
But you keep smiling coyly in your state of stiletto-less relief
Because in you’re drunken state, a little bare foot on concrete action can do you no harm

Random doesn't even begin to describe this particular blog post. But you know what, I should seriously look into becoming a poet. Play it safe ladies, put your shoes back on.

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