Monday, February 11, 2013

Staying The Course

I'm not so sure that the last episode really adds up. In some sort of a narcissistic lapse, Lena decided to make an entire episode about her ability to appeal sexually to the dude from "Watchmen". And to be fair, I'm not sure that she could swing a guy Patrick Wilson. #ImJustSayin'

Sure, I felt that I was under some degree of pressure while watching last night's episode. After a morning brunch at Schiller's in the Lower East Side, a good friend gave me shit about my running commentary on the show. And, in hopes of proving him foolish, I wanted last night's show to be the best episode yet. 

It was not. 

Don't get me wrong, it was still better than the cocaine digression. But, there a few thorns that were a bit too prickly for my liking:
  • We all know that I dislike the nudity in this show. But Lena really went overboard this time around. I was UNCOMFORTABLE. 
  • Obviously, it's not safe to have sex on a ping pong table. Unless, you have the world's sturdiest ping pong table. But that's highly unlikely. 
  • She liked the feel of throwing away trash in stranger's cans? 24 years old are often aimless. But are they really getting a kick out of taking out the trash?
  • Did she really faint in the shower? That was weird. 
  • 9 year old HJs and a hidden desire to be happy (aka not be a hipster) all amounted to too much for me to process emotionally. 
  • Also, there was no Marnie. 
  • Futhermore, there was no Marnie. 
  • Lastly, there was no Marnie. 
I'll surely tune in again next week. But I hope the show gets back what made me love it in the first place: MARNIE...and Bushwick.

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