Sunday, February 24, 2013

Girls: UTIs and Poughkeepsie

After the latest episode of "Girls" (Video Games), I don't feel moved to write a long, thoughtful post. In fact, I'm not sure that any of my posts can actually be classified as thoughtful pieces of writing. Nevertheless, I'm not exactly into the dissection process this evening. 

It's not because I was distracted by the Oscars and all of those people threatening to boycott The Onion on Twitter. It's primarily driven by the fact that the show's most important character was missing from this episode. To your suprise - and mine as well - it's not Marnie and it's not Ray and it's not Booth, or any of the other kids that pop up frequently. It's the City of New York. 

Before tonight show, I never realized how important the city's backdrop is in driving the "Girls" story forward. Hannah outside of the city is obnoxious, poorly dressed and more difficult to empathize with after she sleep with awkward guys in turtlenecks with bad haircuts. And, I could have cared less for the added color that now explains why the free-spirited Jessa behaves as she does. Yes - she too - is vulnerable. But none of it was of interest to me. 

Outside of the health benefits associated with rabbits and odd activity in the thigh crease area, tonight's episode was two steps backward after last week's step forward. Just way too much Hannah urination for my liking. Let's hope that we can hello to Brooklyn again next week. 

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