Thursday, January 17, 2013

Broken Home Billionaires?

InSITE keeps pulling together ridiculously awesome events. Last night at Columbia Business School, I was lucky enough to attend a Fireside Chat with Steve Blank (who is by definition a winner in life). Steve was full of wonderful anecdotes about being lean when starting a company, understanding customer development and being able to recognize inflection points in a company's trajectory. 

However, one thing stood out to me the most. Mr. Blank noted that a considerable number of successful entrepreneurs came from dysfunctional families. And it looks like a number of publications, including Inc., have spoken to the matter. 

Surely, the definition of a dysfunctional family is one that could be debated at great length. However, this theory does provide an interesting take on why certain individuals are so well-equipped to take on the chaos associated with starting your own company. 


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