Tuesday, January 8, 2013

28 Years Later...

Today is January 8th. I'm 28 years old. My grandfather turned 88 on January 1st. Even though there is quite a bit of runway between the two of us, I'm comfortable placing added emphasis on OLD

For 28 years I've been fortunate enough to say that I share a birthday with both The King and The Pied Piper. And for 28 years, I've been blessed with painfully good looks and razor sharp wit. I can only hope that my good fortunes continue into the future. 

I think I'm finally transitioning out of quarter-life crisis mode after being infected by the disease during my last 2 years in The Bay Area. Now I'm rejuvenated and refocused. My plans for my 28th year are as follows:
  • Less liquor and even more water
  • Care more (when it matters) and care less (when it doesn't)
  • Continue to invest in listening and humility 
  • Be kind, even when no one's looking
  • Work hard (ridiculously hard) and make my b-school investment worthwhile
And although this is a more informal aspect of my planned journey for my 28th year, I'd really love to stress out just enough to drive the onset of graying in my bear and in the hair near my temples. A little bit of salt-and-pepper along with non-prescription glasses will likely go a long way toward helping me find my future wife. 

Thanks to all the well wishers! I'll make an exception and have a few drinks in your honor tonight.