Thursday, December 27, 2012

Watching Now: HBO's "Girls"

I'm not at all ashamed to admit this: I watched the entire first season of "Girls" today. And it was great. I found myself especially moved by the dashing venture capitalist that ended up getting married to the hot British chick in the season finale. 

Not only did it lend credence to the presence of VC in New York, it also created a caricature that I must now strive to become. 
  • Work too hard
  • Cheesily invite girls to my place at bars
  • Own an overly expensive rug that occasionally gets covered in overly expensive wine
  • Take big bets in both life and love 
Hmm, if this is an accurate depiction, I'm almost there. Now I need to just work on the formality of getting a job in venture capital...I've got all the other bases covered. 

At any rate - you should watch this show. It's brilliant. Even if you aren't a teenage girl. I think...