Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Been A While

I've been off the radar for quite some time now!

Last I remember, a little over a year ago I was forced to shutter my blogging operations in order to remain eligible for a position with the California Student Aid Commission. But today, things are dramatically different.

Since I last checked in, I've packed my bags and moved East. I walked away from my gig at Google and decided to enroll in business school at NYU Stern.

Since mid-Summer, I've been exploring the Big Apple and trying to remember what it means to be a student again. Additionally, I've been trying to get my finger on the pulse of New York's emerging tech community. 

It's going to talk me a while to ramp up - but I assure you that this space will once more be the same old blog about nothing that it was back in the day. 

Look forward to sharing more!

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