Monday, May 17, 2010

Quick Bay to Breakers Recap

(dave nichols)

I attended Bay to Breakers for the first time this year. To give some context, I've been in the Bay since late 2003. This is sad. But anyhow, it went a little something like this:

11:00 pm (Sat night): Pick up my buddy who plans on wearing self-made jorts (jean shorts) and a mullet
11:30 pm : Buy alcohol from safeway
12 am - 1 am: Beat buddy in back-to-back games of Fifa 10 on XBOX 360 (i'm dominant)
1:15 am: Sleep
5:20 am: Wake up (cranky as all hell)
5:25 am: shower and start to wake other people up
5:45 am: start mixing alcoholic concoctions
6:00 am: start panicking because we're going to miss our train (CalTrain)
6:15 am: our train is in 10 minutes, holy crap
6:25 am: our train is late, we didn't miss it
7:00 am: "Last year my vagina was 9 centimeters wide." (overheard on train)
7:15 am: open another beer while walking down Embarcadero, cops are staring at me
7:30 am: alcohol consumption and walking
8:00 am: alcohol consumption, walking and public urination
9am - noon: alcohol consumption, walking, public urination and naked guys
1:00 pm: "We're only at mile four? WTF?"
Time unknown: finish course and catch a bus to eat Indian food
7:00 pm - 7:00 am: sleep for 12 hours

Not sure that I'll be attending this event next year. It was a bit much. Definitely an experience though.

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