Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pieces of Me - Highlights from Battle Studies by John Mayer

The song is called "Assassin." I've had it on repeat for the last two days. If you left it to my short-sighted heart, I'm sure it would declare that this was the best song that Mr. Mayer has crafted since appearing on my musical radar in early 2003.

Upon seeing the title of the song, I feared that this could be some poorly formed, forced attempt at creativity due to the conceptual nature of this album. Battle Studies of love. Yet, the music immediately grabbed me. It felt like I had tuned in to the theatrical score for a new avant garde film fashioned from the mold of, say, an American Beauty. Familiar, yet strikingly distinct at the same time. I was intrigued.

Then he told the story the way I've never been able to tell it:
Should've turned around and left before the sun came up again / but then the sun came up again...
Loving without loving and saying "I care" without meaning had failed him. It failed him just as it has failed me, time and time again. You encounter women in life. You tell yourself, and others, that your will to be cold and transactional is immovable, unshakable force. When she seizes your hand and leads you away, you tell yourself you're only seizing the moment. When the sad reality is the fact that she is seizing your heart.

Sweet smiles and gentles kisses tell lies. And you aren't really that big ball of love apathy that you've built yourself up to be. Instead, you're far more vulnerable than her. In fact, you're far more vulnerable than she'll ever be. Cupids arrow pierced you and led you to believe that it'd stick; or that it was just a small flesh wound that you wouldn't feel in the morning. But then the sun came up again...

Now you wait for her to write. You wait for her to call. You throw out offerings to catch up next time she's in town. Plays of desperation at the end of a game that's already over. You thought that you were the assassin. But little did you know, that that girl was an assassin, too.

These are his/our Battle Studies. And he/we just told you about one of many battles that he's/we've lost.

Any thoughts?

Stay tuned for more experiences from Battle Studies...

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