Sunday, November 15, 2009

Daytime Drinking w/ Co-workers? Yes, please!

This post has been edited so to protect the innocent bystanders that observed the events that transpired just a few shorts days ago.

In fact, it has also been edited so to protect myself. But let's just say that the following things are cool:

  • Spending your entire workday on a boat
  • Drinking (some in moderation, others in excess) on a boat with co-workers
  • Learning how to play craps while on the clock
  • Meeting that mysterious co-worker that has suddenly been made outgoing by a few cocktails
  • Having people refer to you as the guy who had "Bombs over Baghdad" dedicated to him by another guy
  • Receiving a request to engage the woman in the red shirt by the incoherent visitor 
  • Flirting with that cute girl who was impressed by my use of sorority speak - "totes ridic", "omfg", "idk"
  • Holding my heads while others were losing their shit and not becoming that guy at my first departmental function (that shit is priceless)
Again, this post is being made under some pretty hefty restrictions. Let me know if you're interested in receiving more juicy details in an offline format. Or maybe even on some other blog that doesn't belong to me ;)

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