Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can you believe it?

I mean, if you know anything about anything, you probably still don't believe it. But it's true! Stanford is ranked in not just the top 25. Stanford's program is ranked in the top 15 schools in the nation according to the AP poll. Congratulations to Jim Harbaugh, the team and all of those current students who don't really know much about football other than the fact that it involves tailgating and (this year specifically) an ever lingering possibility of being able to rush the field at home games. I never rushed any damn fields while I was a student at Stanford. For that, I am bitter. As an alum, I've missed any games presenting this same field rushing opportunity. For that, I am to blame for poor timing. But I did not miss an opportunity to see our team down the Trojans. 55-21!

Go Cardinal! Bowl game here we come!

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