Monday, September 14, 2009

A Quick Note on Civility

What is civility? I think I have a sense of what civility was. But do the antiquated notions of civility have any real world import today?

Behavior from individuals wearing leather shirts to award shows would suggest that it does not. Instead, we live in a culture where the disregard of civility is publicly shunned, but privately celebrated. We love to hear about this kind of stuff. It hurts so good for us to see Yeezy shit all over Miss Swift. {read more after the jump!}

No one truly feels bad for Taylor - because truth be told, her video was one of the worst videos I've seen in my life. I would've felt more comfortable with awarding the Moon Man to Nirvana for "Smells Like Teen Spirit." It would have made zero sense and all of the sense in the world, at the exact same time. Folks are just upset with Kanye's approach to voicing his dissent.

President Obama didn't slap the fuck out of Joe Wilson. Nor did he allow a "spontaneous" outburst to derail the entirety of his speech. He just brushed that dust off his shoulder.

Alicia Keys didn't drop kick Lil Mama for ruining the photo op at the end of "Empire State of Mind." And trust me, Lil Mama ruins every photo op that she shows up to. Jay and Miss Keys simply used subtle body language that document the fact that Lil Mama is a joke and that she embarrassed the shit out of herself hoping onto a performance stage reserved for adults.

Instead, all of these people just kept it pushing. We should all learn to expect the worst from our human counterparts. And it we aren't prepared to live with these sudden outbursts driven by alcohol or idiocy, we should put muzzles on everyone before any starts to speak. Or at the very least, hire a security detail to police the GD stage.


Yours Truly

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