Monday, August 10, 2009

A Few Notes on Facebook

Of course you do....have a Facebook account, that is. Not even sure why I asked. But I've been thinking about a few aspects of Facebook that I wanted to share today. Plus I haven't generated much original content in the past 90 days or so, therefore this will be a nice exercise to help me get my wind back.


1. Go through countless numbers of accounts to sketchily peep the new updates in people's lives. In order words, I check the Facebook account of every girl who has given me access to view her profile to see if she is still single or has become single since my last bout with boredom.

If she is single, I poke her or send a brief message stating that we should get together for drinks.

If she is not, she is undeserving of an update on my life.

2. Friend request girls that I hope are single. Especially those that work for the same company as me but don't work on my team. Next time I log back into FBook, I check out my profile to see if they've accepted my friend request. If they are single, I feel a sense of accomplishment (read: I smell blood in the water).

If they are not, I feel like the friend request was a complete waste of my time. I wish that I could rescind my offer and wait for her to initiate. That way she wouldn't have the satisfaction of knowing that although she is in a relationship, "she's still got it," if you will.

3. Get caught looking at random pictures while co-workers walk by my desk.

4. Reject 99.9% of application invitations.

5. Worry about people monitoring my activity on Facebook. Yet, I make no significant effort to control my privacy settings outside of deactivating my wall.

6. Look up girls that I had substantive conversations with at the club. Then refrain from friend requesting them. If they appreciate the greatness that is me, they'll add me first.

7. Yeah, other stuff that I'm not prepared to share with the general public.


Yours Truly

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LeanBack said...

hhhmmm.... I think casually approaching the girls instead of using facebook to check their status is a lil more manly. but that's just me. and im not a man. but i like them.