Sunday, July 19, 2009

500 Days of Summer

I've been away for nearly a month. Apparently sidetracked by work, travel and other ventures. Nevertheless, I did want to share the greatness that is a film I paid admission to see yesterday in the heart of San Francisco.

Imagine being a young man chasing a young woman who you believe is the one. Then imagine discovering that while she may be yours, you just aren't hers. Imagine the grief. Imagine the torment. Imagine the frustration associated with picking up the pieces after having assembled something that appeared to be so right.

This is a film that I could watch man times over. The freshness of the story will return each time the film begins and each time "Us" from Regina Spektor plays. Definitely a thought provoking film with an interesting presentation. Awarding winning caliber in my humble opinion.

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