Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Unsolicited Love Letters from Russia

Ladies want me real bad. So bad that women in Russia are sending me unsolicited emails asking to be my main squeeze. I received this in the middle of a meeting today:

My name is Natalya, from Russia. I have many various hobby's I like walk,
go to the cinema, read, listen music ect... But for first letter it
will be very big volume of information about me. I think, I shall can
tell you more after, and let me know please, are you really
interesting relation with me? If yes, please tell me more about
itself, what you like, dislike? What kind of women you want meet? What
type your work? Hobby? And all that you want tell to me :)

As for me I want meet the serious man for serious relations, and the
first requirement the truth. I'm here to start with you special
relation based on trust and respect to achieves our aspirations
together and looking for you to enter my life to be for me the best
men on this earth. I'm looking for serious relation to start new
family with my soul mate I'm sure you are that you want to know every
thing about me do you know why ? the answer simply : because your
heart looking for real love and tenderness unlimited I know your heart
beating now because you are lonely now and looking to fill your heart
with pure and real love I hope you will feel with me the real
happiness and you will get your aspiration fact and you will find in
me the the real characteristics of women and future wife in me to be
rest in the remaining of our ages I think you will agree with me. so
now I hope to read this page from my life book because you means for
me so much and looking to build with you clean and respect relation.

Sincerely, Natalya.


Thanks for reaching out Natalya. I'll just send you my credit card information and get you over here as soon as possible.

And feel free to order whatever you'd like on the plane; my card is PLATINUM baby.

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