Monday, June 22, 2009

Nascar Nation?

My co-workers have all noticed that my life is pretty much purposeless now that the Lakers have won the championship and there is nothing for me to watch on television. I tried watching old episodes of Seinfeld, but then I realized that it was really a show about nothing. So lately, I've wanted nothing to do with it.

In a last-ditch effort to spice up my life, I did what any good looking 24-year old would do if placed in a similar position: I attended my first Nascar race.

The Save-Mart 350, which was won by Kasey Kenneth Kahne (KKK), proved to be a wonderful introduction to the sport. Sipping on Silver Bullets, tossing around the pig skin and giving silent nods to my fellow Black Nascar fans that showed up to the race in Sonoma, California. An utterly amazing day that made me proud to be an American. Inhaling all sorts of exhausts fumes as the cars and their extremely loud engines raced by my seats in the turn 3 stands over 100 times.

The lack of attractive women at the venue really helped me to focus in on all of the bells and whistles that go into producing a Nascar race. Red Bull stunt helicopters doing all sorts of dangerous flips directly over my head. Dudes parachuting onto the track. 10 Bank of America ATMs, that were all out of cash. Ford trucks hanging from cranes. Swimming pools in the parking lot belonging to loyal fans that wanted to party before, during and after the race. This spectacle was nothing short of amazing.

Unfortunately, it's likely that the crowd in Sonoma was a bit more watered down than the die hard fans that call the south home. Especially those that live down the street from Talladega and still fly confederate flags. Nevertheless, outside of the novelty and my commitment to having a good time - I can truly say that I see the appeal of Nascar and understand why fans appreciate the sport. (Yes, Nascar drivers are athletes...I said it!)

And just when I thought my day couldn't get any better - I went to Hooters and ate hot wings with one of my best Bros. In my 24 years on this earth, I've never had a more All American day.

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