Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm Black, Is The Redhouse Really for Me?

Wow. This is by far the greatest commercial that I have ever seen. This is doing wonders for racial unity.

Jay Z thought that doing a concert with Kelly Clarkson signified something.

Sorry Jigga! Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture from a white person that didn't hate you? Or have you ever seen one of your white friends buy furniture safely from a black person anywhere in North Carolina?

NOPE - I didn't think so! Therefore, the owners of The Redhouse Furniture should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize or something epic like that. Plus, they also end it all by inviting both Hispanics and All People to come to their store. Although there are mainly black and white patrons, they are welcome to having multi-colored keys on their piano. And for this, the rest of America should be thanking them.

Just because this is such an important civil rights type of piece, I will likely repost this video tomorrow - just so that I can drop the commercial into the inboxes of those using Google Reader once more.

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