Sunday, April 5, 2009

You Wanna Rumble?

This post can't fully relay how upsetting last night's series of events were. I almost found myself in a fight with some guys who didn't really want to fight. Here's the quick run down:

My buddy is in town visiting. To show him an exceptional time, I take him to one of the sketchiest bars that Bay has to offer. As a woman passes by, he touches her arm to get her attention. This woman is apparently married. Drunken husband wants to defend her honor. Approaches my buddy while I am busy talking to a cougar. I catch wind of the story and shake the situation off while deciding to leave.

On our way out, the guy feels the need to approach again. My friend begins clutching his fists and inviting the guy outside. I insert my body between the two. Drunken husband and friends continue to saw disrespectful things. My peacemaking words become a bit more abrasive. Bouncers converge and ask us to take things outside. I make it clear to the gentleman (all of whom are larger than me) that if they wanted to do something, they would've initiated contact by now.

Especially after a second friend of mine approached and yelled "You don't know who he is BITCH." (LOL)

The moral of the story: I don't need my time wasted by guys pretending that they want to fight. "If you don't like what I'm saying then buck - swing MF and we can throw them hands sucka."

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