Sunday, March 8, 2009

Watching Watchmen

Something about the entire experience just didn't feel right from the onset. As the film attempted to allude to the massive amount of material covered in Hollis Mason's Under The Hood during the opening credits, I could immediately sense that even in a 3-hour movie, a ridiculous amount of nuanced information would fall by the wayside.

The primary reason that I loved the graphic novel so much was the fact that it contained so much complex and intricately detailed information and imagery. The behavior of Dr. Manhattan was inadequately captured on film. Above and beyond that, the actors playing Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias greatly diminished what could have been achieved in those roles.

The work of Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach was the thing that I walked away from the film feeling best about. He owned the character as best he could. "Never compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon." This was one of the few lines in the film that absolutely floored me.

Sketchballs out there might be pumped up about Dan and Laurie boinking in Archie. But other than that, there are a number of awkward fight sequences and annoying flashbacks on The Comedian's life. 3-hours after the journey began, I walked away from the theater feeling unfulfilled.

In many respects I don't feel that the movie could've been done any better. But I say give it 10 years or so and someone should work up the nerve to take another crack at it. I mean, we got a do-over with The Hulk, right?


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