Monday, March 30, 2009

Public Private Partnerships

These are desperate times folks. And this is a desperate measure if I've ever seen one.

Apparently KFC is thinking about filling in potholes throughout Chicago. The city is still weighing the possibility of partnering with a private entity to halt the pothole epidemic. While some are worried that the branded asphalt would serve as a distraction to drivers, a spokeswoman from the company had this to say:

Believe it or not, we're not even aiming for the drivers out there. Instead, we're looking to get our brand in front of the millions of poor people that are forced to walk and use other means of public transportation. Poor people look at a smooth road and think 'Damn, I wish I hard a card to drive on this smooth as road.' We're hoping that our ad will distract them and encourage them to walk, run or catch the nearest bus to one of our KFC locations.

There was no official word out of the McDonalds or Burger King. An anonymous source from the Popeye's Chicken Corporation said the following: "That's a good fucking idea man. A finger-licking good idea. Hopefully we'll be the first to be able to advertise our products at the playgrounds we sweep for used needles and weapons."

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