Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Price of Life

New Mexico has officially done away with the death penalty.

While Governor Richardson indicated that he lacks faith in the justice system and it's ability to provide absolute certainty that a man or woman should be put to death, The Economist dropped some interesting insight on abolishment of the death penalty in several states.

Take all of the appeals and the maximum security and all of that other jazz, and it turns out that putting a prisoner to death proves to be far more costly than housing a prisoner in jail for a life term. These figures have been thrown out before, but today they are very relevant in an economic climate that is forcing governments everywhere to work to trim costs.

It's interesting that think that it makes more economic sense to let an individual live than to put them to death. At any rate, no matter what the motivation, I'm happy to see some progress made on this front.

But then again, they always say that no one wants to seek the death penalty until the culprit hurts someone that you know personally...

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