Monday, March 23, 2009

Nia, Please Come Back

Dear Nia,

It's been a while since I last wrote. However, I hope that all is well as this reaches you.

Things for me have been going swimmingly well. Work is fine and my family is in good health and good spirits. Nevertheless, it should come as no surprise that I still miss you.

At one point, you were the most adored black actress in Hollywood. You rode your Boyz n Da Hood fame into one of the greatest roles I've ever seen. The chemistry that you and Larenz Tate had in Love Jones was captivating. Even at the tender age of 12, I knew that I was witnessing something magical. Something that can't be captured by words. Something that would forever win you a place in my heart.

"Get Together. Fall Apart. Start Over."

You made me want to hate love and you made me want to love love. But most importantly, you made me love you. But then things began to change...

You were still in full stride when you did Boiler Room in 2000. And I thought that you rebounded when you made an appearance in Alfie with Jude Law. I foolishly believed that you were making your way into the mainstream. I was prepared for you to be a household name.

While I fully understand that importance of family in your life, I also feel that you have neglected your fan base. I feel that you have turned your back on us (read: me) and grown comfortable living your quaint life. In your absence, a void was created. That void was briefly filled by Sanaa Lathan. And now she too has faded into oblivion.

I don't want Halle. I don't want Megan Good. I don't want Sanaa. I only want you. Please come back Nia.

Sincerely yours,
I am.

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