Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Video Blogger: Chris Bosh

WTF is this?? Seriously? I honestly don't believe that every millionaire on the face of the planet needs to hop in the video blog bandwagon. Very few people can do it as well as Diddy does it. Diddy touches on the issues that we all want to hear about. Chris Bosh on the other hand hops his ass on camera without knowing what the hell he has to say. I feel like an idiot for being another one of the 20,000 people that watched the video. And now you should feel like an idiot too.

Also, while watching the video an ad promising "Desi Magic" popped up and I clicked on it.

Also, here is how it should really be done. Take that, take that, take that...

Yes, Diddy just said "it's like they sprinkle crack on KFC chicken." This dude is the most eloquent guy of our time. I'm actually gonna start recording videos of myself comparing the worthiness of fried foods too. I'll call it "Fun and Fat." Be on the lookout in Q2 of '09

1 comment:

Zainep said...

1) Popeyes clearly has the superior fried chicken recipe.

2) Diddy can't compare the beans from Popeyes vs. KFC because they are completely different kinds of beans. Popeyes makes red beans KFC makes baked beans.

Just saying....