Thursday, February 19, 2009

Well What Does It Mean Then?

I mean, I read up on the issue and got a little bit on context. But WTF New York Post?? How fucking idiotic must you be to not expect there to be uproar associated with such a depiction in the age of Obama? You were asking for it with the caption. You could've made the cartoon humorous. Instead, you opted to make a direct connection between a dead black chimp culprit and the individual that wrote our nation's stimulus bill.

Are you truly surprised that people saw the cartoon and made these connections? Why offer up a tongue in cheek apology? Maybe you were just trying to sell a few more copies of your paper. I hear the newspaper industry isn't doing so swell these days...

But must journalists really stoop to such levels in the last ditch efforts to save a sinking ship? I for one would say no. Keep it classy. Keep it PC unless there is some longshot, but warranted, reason for you to conduct yourself otherwise.

Also, just to make sure that I'm being fair about all of this, I was also the guy that had disparaging remarks that felt that the depiction of LeBron James on the cover of Vogue was racist and inappropriate. But I feel that those were different circumstances.

I'm sure Obama's brushing his shoulders off even if he wasn't the intended target of the cartoon. Haters will hate.

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