Thursday, February 19, 2009

To Share or Not To Share

If you're like me (or the chick featured in the picture), you're all about sharing your photos. In fact, you just make you entire account public and welcome all comers. You say to yourself: "why the hell not?...I'm young and I don't have anything to hide"

And so you Facebook account exists for what feels like decades. Pictures accumulate which allow you and your friends to take a jog down memory lane. You see the Freshman 15 pound on, you slim down, you plump up again. You date that one girl. Then you date that other girl. You keep yourself tagged but you detag her. You upload some pictures twice just so you can reminisce about the good old days. You use these photos to Facebook stalk and find out if that girl or guy (I Pass no judgment) is really hot. You just live your virtual, social life footloose and fancy free.

Just when everything feels ok, you start to notice changes. You click on a profile to check up on the girl who was in your polisci discussion section and suddenly you find that her pictures are gone. But the problem is they aren't really REALLY gone. You just can't see them. So you start to feel rejected and locked out. But you decide that it's not that big of a deal and then you look at another set of pictures.

Unfortunately, the locked out and rejected feeling starts to rear its ugly head far more frequently. Many of your go-to profiles are now locked and you find yourself wondering where all of the fun/sadness/sketchiness/awkwardness on Facebook is going.

Sure, I know that people are setting there photos to private because they are getting older and far more mature than they were when their sketchiest photos were taken. And I also realize that more and more employers are prying into the personal lives of the potential that they hire (or are under consideration for a job). To take that even further, I also appreciate the fact that more and more parental figures are popping up on Facebook because the young people in their workplace can't stop raving about it.

All of that stuff is fine and dandy people, but DAMMIT! Am I one of the few remaining Mohegans out there that isn't interested in cracking under pressure? Sure, 90% of my photos feature me holding an alcoholic beverage. But am I the blame for drunken photographers that are always itching to document my behavior while intoxicated? Is it not enough for me to simply do damage control by clearing out some of my less flattering photos while being careful to preserve those photos capturing some of my more lighthearted moments that have transpired since the dawn of Facebook?

This post is my plea to you all! If you have not set your photos to private yet, please don't do so anytime soon. As my personal popularity continues to grow exponentially thanks to this blog and my charming good looks, I may be forced to take a bit more of an exclusive approach to my Facebook dealings in the coming days and weeks. But until then, feel free to drop my profile. And feel free to friend request the random woman above as well. Show me your drunken moments and I'll show you mine. Because at the end of the day, when you look back on your life, these are the moments that you'll remember the most.*

*I understand that you won't technically remember most of those moments during which you were drunk. I'm sure that you suffer from the occasional blackout. But my point is that you'll general remember these moments the most. Especially those stories about you drunkenly attempting to make out with ugly girls at dive bars...

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