Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lil Wayne Gets Money

WOW! I've been meaning to come back to the idiocy that was the interview between Katie Couric (bless her soul) and Lil Wayne.

I was astounded when I saw just how crazy this dude is. I mean, he has tattoos all over his body. He says he's a gangsta and he does what he wants. He doesn't think that his addiction to syrup is a problem. I mean, this dude looks like a ticking time bomb...

And then this HAPPENS!

Apparently Lil' Wayne made $57 million last year. Yeah, $57 million. Yes, I said $57 million.

Umm, I thought I had a good paying job. Now I don't feel that I do. I'm going to the tattoo parlor tomorrow, letting my hair grow, cracking open a bottle of Robitussin and getting ready to embark on my journey to rap millions. I see why all of these rappers are using the recession as a marketing ploy. Looks like they don't have to worry about it in real life.

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