Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Hate Dennys

I've had a number of bad encounters at Dennys. A waiter once asked me to pay $5 so that i could substitute the 6 pieces of pork that they shoved in my face for a single chicken breast. After taking the pork off the plate, he seemed to think that I would be okay eating the pork that was scrambled into my eggs. Then he got upset when I asked him to get me some more eggs without pork.

And now this....????????

Dennys gave away free food on Tuesday. People went buck wild. Just look at these folks below.

I mean seriously, isn't it time for someone to sue Dennys again for some sort of discrimination. I'd be more than willing to line up for that check. Also, the last time I set foot in Dennys, my friend threw up on their floor. So yeah, that was a sign that Dennys is not of my list of places to be when in need of nourishment.

And why weren't these people at work? This isn't the Great Depression when people need to be lining up to have food rationed. This is a recession and there is no way in hell that we're going to dig our way our of this recession while people are playing hooky for a free meal. Priorities folks. Dennys shouldn't be one of them.

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