Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bobby's Coming Out Party



Okay, I've read some great pieces about this guy. So there was no way in hell that I expected his speech to be this horrible.

I'm pretty sure that someone told Bobby that the best approach to his speech was to "dumb it down."

"Sheriff, that's ridiculous!"

Just when I thought the speech would get better, Bobby decided to further focus his energies on treating us like kindergarten students. I support this message about empowering the people. But Gov. Jindal sounds naive as he discusses the way that things get done in Washington.

Stop monitoring those volcanoes Democrats. And don't worry, I'm sure that Bobby will make mention of something that happened in his great state of Louisiana that was not prompted or spurred along by Hurricane Katrina next time he gives a national address.

Hopefully we all start looking for hope together. I'll start now...

I hope that the Republicans don't think that Bobby is the heir apparent after this poor excuse for a speech. I would have preferred to see Sarah Palin at the mic.

If this was Bobby's coming out party, it was a Coming Out Fail. Back to the closet Bobby.

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