Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just Like College

California's state senators are planning on spending the night together. As the state continues to screech forward and near a grinding financial halt, the Senate is still one Republican vote from reaching the 2/3 vote majority necessary to pass a state budget.

Included in the proposed budget are a 1 cent increase on the state sales tax, a 12 cent hike on the gas tax and a number of other increases involving vehicle license fees and personal income taxes. I'm cool with the sales tax, but the gas tax is bullshit. I'm driving again and my car still isn't a hybrid. Hopefully I'll get some relief from the federal package that will help to alleviate this oppressive gas tax regime that I'll be living under shortly. I have a friend that is obsessed with Public-Private Partnerships. Maybe we could've just used a bunch of those to remedy the state budget problem. Or better yet, we should just start outsourcing prisoners to unstable regions throughout the world. We'd surely get more bang for our buck, as those prisoners (that make it out alive) would certainly return scared straight. But I digress...

Best of luck with Steinberg getting his house in order. Unfortunately, legislators don't appear to have gotten the memo. Work that is held off until the last minute typically results in imperfect work riddled with easily avoidable errors. But then again, I once wrote a paper for my Intro to Humanities course three weeks early in college and ended up getting a fucking C+. Injustice is all around us.

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