Sunday, January 11, 2009

Really PETA?

I watched a pretty crazy documentary about PETA 6 months ago. So I was pretty sure that I hated the organization after that. But now, they have the nerve and audacity to stand of top of those soap boxes made without animal products and attempt to rebrand the chicken of the sea.

In an effort to dissuade me from eating fish, they want to call fish "sea kittens" instead.

My initial response to this article was FUCK OFF PETA.

After letting calmer thoughts prevail my response was still FUCK OFF PETA.

I gave up pork and I felt like I was making progress. I gave up pork, partially because of those crazy PETA videos going around on email lists while I was an impressionable freshman. And now you tell me that I'm a bad person unless I give up everything meat-related? I can't even be a fucking pescatarian aka vegetarian light?

Have you no shame PETA? Have you no shame?

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