Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Cost of A Stanford Degree

Yes! This is by far the greatest story that I've heard today. Everything else has been depressing. Especially the part about the State of California gearing up to delay tax refunds. Maybe I should just borrow against the money that they owe me and see if today's interest rates don't eat me alive. FML.

But yes, Cristina Warthen is the (wo)MAN! After reading the article about her being found guilty of tax evasion, I completely disregarded the entire legal matter. Instead, I focused in on what truly matters. Cristina is an escort from Stanford. Her existence approves that all of those Cardinal running around out there with Stanford degrees are capable of doing anything that they put their mind to. In Mrs. Warthen's case, she was capable of DOING anything that could pay to play.

Sure, maybe Warthen should have been out there fighting global warming or representing one of the many underrepresented communities in this country. Instead, Warthen opted to do her part to rid the world of lonely rich men. She gave them a shoulder to cry on during their times of extreme need (of course crying would force her to charge one of the many enhancement fees utilized in her line of work, only a real big wig would be willing to pay the extra $50 to hold her hand after the dirty stuff was over).

Sure she may have ended a relationship or two. But so what?!?! As I noted in my last post - LA/SF are not good places for single men. On the other hand, they're great places for single women. Consider all elements of this equation before passing judgment on Cristina. I mean, at least she can walk away from all of this saying that all of her loans are paid off. That's more than most of you out there can say for yourselves!

Cristina proves that with my Stanford degrees, I too can succeed in the escort service. If I were to enlist in the army of pleasure delivers, I see no reason why my outstanding loans couldn't be paid off in under a moth. I'm a hard worker and I aim to please. She's an inspiration to us all.

Go Cardinal!

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