Monday, January 12, 2009

Ann Coulter, You're My Hero

So, I subscribe to the Huffington Post with Google Reader. And much to my surprise, I found an article posted by someone praising Ann Coulter's views on single parents. Of course, this was much to my chagrin, given that I was raised by a single mother and I turned out just fine. The article prompted me to look up Ann Coulter's latest set of inflammatory comments from her new book that I'm sure is just as pointless as her previous books.

Several things stood out to me during this absolute ass-kicking she received on The View:

1) "Single motherhood is like a farm team for future criminals.." (from the book)
2) "It is very selfish for a single mother to have a baby without a father..."
3) "[Single motherhood] was a specific plan by the Left attacking the nuclear family"
4) "It's the new thing, as opposed to the sex tapes..."
5) "Single mother is not good for children..."
6) "Liberals play the victims, while creating real victims..."
7) "I have never heard my book read aloud like you're reading Mein Kampf...and read it like you're reading Mein Kampf again..."

I mean, I think you all get a sense of how ridiculous this woman is. And let me note that I am fully prepared to take Conservative viewpoints into consideration. Unfortunately people like Ann and Rush are all tone and NO substance. She can tease up those stats as much as she wants. I mean, it's amazing that there was only a 30% that I wouldn't be a juvenile delinquent locked up behind bars for some heinous act. Of course, if that would've been the case, the blame should have been placed solely on my mother's shoulders. How dare her for being so selfish...

There have been many discussions bout the need for the Right to re-brand itself. Unfortunately, not enough focus has been placed on the need for the Right to curtail some of the damaging activities engaged by these so called political pundits. People like Ann Coulter hold on to these arguments about the deterioration of America's moral fiber as if it's their Holy Grail. They are stubbornly resistance to change and incapable of seeing the value, of say for instance, living in a society where the nuclear family isn't maintained simply for the sake of maintaining a nuclear family. Nuclear families don't raise good children, good parents raise good children.

The Right has a lot of interesting stuff to say. Our incoming President called the Reps the "Party of Ideas." Yet, these ideas will continue to be undermined so long as talking heads like Miss Coulter keep running around planting seeds of division and engaging in games of school girl name-calling.

I hope that the people out there making her books bestsellers are taking this crap with a grain of salt. But then again, my better judgment tells me that they aren't...

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Horchata said...

Two Words: Michael Moore.