Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Worst Week Ever For This Guy

The guy featured above is Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford. Apparently he's having the WORST WEEK EVER.

Sure, he made over $21 million last year. But I'm sure like most people, he takes the "what have you done for me lately?" approach to his earnings. Unfortunately for him, reports seem to suggest that if Ford is to receive bailout money from the Federal govenrment, his salary will be dropped to a $1 for the entire year. I'm sure that there are loopholes and performance incentives and all sorts of avenues for him to earn money out the wahoo, but the concept of a man going from $21 million annually to a single buck is amusing.

And in other bad news, executives from the Big 3 have also signaled that they would be willing to sell their fleet of corporate jets in exchange for government assistance. Looks like they'll have to settle for sitting next to good looking gentleman such as myself...in First Class.

So long and farewell leer jets...

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