Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why It's Tough Being A Politician

Things just got a lot bleaker for California State Assembly Speaker Emeritus Fabian Nunez. Reports indicate that his son has been arrested due to his suspected participation in a stabbing homicide.

Witnesses told police that Nunez's son firmly believed that his father would be able to depict the crime as a matter of self-defense, allowing the members of the so-called Hazard Crew to walk free. Unfortunately, Esteban Nunez didn't spend enough time thinking this through. And from the sound of it, he may be gearing up to spend a long time behind bars.

So to reiterate what I stated in the headline, this is why it's tough to be a politician. Because now media outlets like my blog and the LA Times (two publications of the same caliber) will highlight quotes made by Fabian during his fight against gang violence and activity in the State of California.

Exhibit 1:
These gangs and the violence they display are no longer limited to discreet urban neighborhoods. They are expanding their reach into more suburban areas and what have been traditionally seen as safe, middle-class neighborhoods.

After reading quotes like this one, people come to realize that not even those that lead the masses are fully capable of leading on the homefront. Esteban Nunez could be anyone's son, yet he just happened to be the son of someone important. Two lives have been lost in this encounter, but no one can stop talking about Fabian.

My prayers go out to each family in the wake of the devastating occurrence.

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Horchata said...

"media outlets like my blog and the LA Times (two publications of the same caliber)"

There is one difference I would like to note: your blog shows slightly less political bias.