Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday Road Trip

A few of my highlights from the drive down:

1. My fearful co-workers being worried that it would take an hour to get to San Jose Airport from Mountain View. Therefore, they were certain that they would miss their flights. In the words of one of my favorite female buddies, "I'm going to kill Dontae is he doesn't get here soon..."

2. Playing the get-to-know-you-game with another co-worker. She's cool.

3. Taking this co-worker to Burger King for the first time in King City, California. Experiencing a 20 minute wait for the pre-made salad that I ordered. And then having a rather rotund woman continue to stare and smile at me for the duration of our meal. On her way out she checks in with me to see if I was the young man that went to college with her daughter - Sorry mam, not me! Clearly she loved that guy though because she was completely giving me the I-wanna-do-you eyes.

4. Co-worker offers to buy me food. I believe that more value will be added to our relationship if she sings me a song instead. So she does. And then she proceeds to sing 84 additional songs until we finally reach her home...

Good Times.

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