Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hockey Is A Trip

I went to a hockey game tonight. I learned a few very interesting things.

First, this is a penalty:

But this, is not so problematic:

Guy crosschecks and gets 2 minutes in the penalty box. But a guy knocks another guy out with his fist and the fans cheer.

Why exactly isn't hockey more popular?

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Shandon said...

Ok, so this was awesome. I love the demo video and then the insanity that follows in the second one.

Your comments at the end of video 2 were my thoughts "I want to go to a Hockey game, this looks awesome" though you didnt read my mind in: Fist fights on ice skates looks like it would be really hard, all that slipping and sliding!

p.s. Tay Tay I love you, but can I say - Thank GOD elections are over, your blog is now fun to read again. You were starting to sound like a CNN reporter - now I am finally getting stories of what you have been up to! I mean that in the best you!

P.P.S - Will I see you this weekend in sac for the big reunion?