Wednesday, November 19, 2008

With their powers combined they'd be unstoppable!!!

Needless to say, The Dream Ticket didn't prove to be so dreamy after all. Barack won the primary and got hitched with Joe Biden. One thing lead to another, McCain picked Sarah "Pain in The Ass" Palin, and that's how the West (and just about every other region of the United States) was won.

However, talks are really beginning to heat up between the one-time rivals. And it's starting to look like Hillary will be Barack's Condi Rice.

Some, such as Thomas Friedman, would love the American people to believe that Hillary and Barack are mortal enemies and completely incapable of working together. Friedman writes:

When it comes to appointing a secretary of state, you do not want a team of rivals.

Unfortunately, Friedman didn't read the memo from the Democratic Party before writing this latest entry. All is well in Demville, USA because the party has returned to power. While it isn't too early for mistakes to be made by the Obama Administration, it is far too early for the Media to begin second-guessing every decision that Obama makes and asking if it is consistent with his platform of "change".

If HRC is selected, I do not foresee some sort of power struggle in the Oval Office. I doubt that she will conduct business defiantly and I have difficulty believeing that an HRC appointment would be nothing more than Obama's way of saying "sorry that I beat you in the primaries."

Sure, it could be a little awkward at first. And naysayers would certainly attempt to drive a wedge between President Obama and his top diplomat. However, if the rhetoric is more than rhetoric, if the smiles are real, if the meetings are substantive, and if the Democrats really care about getting it right this time, I do not believe that a petty rivalry will be able to detract from the great feats that this duo could accomplish together. The Democrats won't be able to begin healing America's wounds unless they can fully heal the wounds suffered by their own party (nod to Joe Liebermann who got to keep his committee)

They say that the past is prologue. I hope that the past is nothing more than the past.

We'll see what happens...

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