Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

Sorry kids, apparently those of you who are all about sharing the wealth are sadly misguided and undeserving of candy. Those of you who have parents supporting the McCain-Palin ticket are, on the other hand, in possession of deeper insight and have a better grasp of what is best for America. Irrespective of that fact that you can't vote children, it is never too early to learn a lesson. If you know anything, you will take that candy and then go home to convince your parents that Senator McCain is what America needs most during these tumultuous times.
The Crazy Bitch Not Giving Candy to Kids

PS - I love how the newscast blasted out this lady's information. She shall now forever be known by her neighbors as the evil woman that thought that a few pieces of candy was all that it was going to take to win this election for Senator McCain.

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