Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gas Prices Are Way Too Low

I remember it all too clearly. Day after day, watching the price of gas skyrocket across the nation. It was one of the hottest summers that I can remember and I had no desire to turn the AC on in anyone's car. Gas was just that damn expensive.

Even though I was living a little over 2 blocks away from my workplace and drove fewer than 3 times a week, the prices at the pump were causing major pain for my bank account.

However, the prices at the pump are telling a drastically different tale. According to CNNMoney, gas prices have dropped for 60 days straight. And while this would be a blessing under most circumstances, I fear that this may sidetrack discussions centered on America's dependence on foreign oil.

During the presidential primaries, candidates felt the need to address these soaring gas prices. There were talks of gas tax holidays and gas stipends for American citizens. Now these discussions have faded into the background as these plummeting gas prices are nothing more than an additional indication of a deteriorating world economy.

We still need to discuss alternative fuels. We still need to strive to create more fuel efficient vehicles. We still need to discuss how America can make a move towards being a greener nation. Yet the economic woes of late have shifted the attention of Americans to other issues.

While I appreciate the short-term gains associated with tumbling gas prices, we should be fearful of the long-terms ills associated with tabling important discussions on the way America produces and uses energy.

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