Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can't You All Just Get Along?

Shit is going haywire over on the Republican side of the aisle. As if the fallout from McCain-Palin campaign wasn't enough. And as if the Ted Stevens debacle didn't make lifetime GOPers cringe, now you have former Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes calling Henry Paulson the worst treasury secretary in modern times.

Ouch! That must sting for Mr. Paulson, who many believe is in the unfortunate position of inheriting Alan Greenspan's mess. Yet and still, Forbes took aim at the beleaguered Secretary of the Treasury.

However, I find it amazing that people can make such articulate arguments about what went wrong at this point. Where were all of these individuals when this trouble was brewing. Is it wrong of us to assume that many of those that have come out with critical remarks in wake of this crisis were those same individuals that were complicit in reaping the benefits created by a flawed system? I'm not saying that people like Mr. Forbes were the catalyst behind the present economic collapse. But I am saying that hindsight is 20/20. If you would've said something in the past that would've had a positive impact on the present, then I would've jumped on your bandwagon.

Think about it, Forbes probably would've had a chance at the Oval Office in 2012 if that were the case.

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