Thursday, November 6, 2008

Above The Law

Dammit! It looks like another (former) elected official has found a way to live above the law. Good old Eliot Spitzer of Ashley Alexandra Dupre fame, won't face charges. Unlike my main man Kwame Kilpatrick, prosecutors were unable to pull together the type of evidence needed to convict.

In fact, it was stated in the article that indictments against Johns that get entangled in prostitution rings are disfavored. Therefore, had Kwame opted to go the prostitution ring route instead of sending text messages and lying about them, he would have a clean slate today.

But you know what, I'm sure that Eliot realizes how much better life out of the public sphere is these days! His replacement, Governor David Paterson says that as a result of the economic downturn, New York State is facing a possible $12.5 billion budget deficit.

HA! Who do those New Yorkers think they are with those enormous deficits? New York is beginning to look like the California of the East.

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