Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why I'm Not a Republican

It's not because I don't espouse some Republican worldviews. In fact, I think that John McCain is a decent guy.

It is simply because the Republican party is inextricably linked to individuals such as the faceless woman that called Senator Obama an "Arab." Much of America still fears all things labeled as "different." And if Senator Obama is different, so am I. Unfortunately, votes from these types of persons are the lifeblood of the Republican Party.

Until the countless gaps in American society are bridged and "different" ceases to be labeled as un-American, I cannot see myself lending wholehearted support to any Republican candidate. No matter how decorated he or she may be. So long as the Republican Party is viewed as the vehicle capable of advancing that woman's cause, I will view it as the party incapable of advancing mine.

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Miss Costa said...

Damn...that was really, really well said.

I agree with you and I like the way you phrased your viewpoint(s).