Thursday, October 23, 2008

Proposition 8

I live in a highly progressive area. In fact, it's so progressive that I sometimes wonder how progressive the people that I fraternize with really are. Although I suspect that many of my comrades genuinely share in my liberal lines of thinking, sometimes I wonder if they only make such agreeable statements in an effort to not appear out of place.

The illustration above accurately illustrates how ludicrous it is for these die-hard anti-gay marriage characters to defend a "sacred" institution that has been riddled with impurities for ages now. Marriages have been forced. Marriages have been faked. marriages have been denied. Marriages have been for show. Marriages are so often built on unstable foundations. And so often, we see these marriages end in divorce.

However, it troubles me that under the guise of protecting marriage, that individuals are going to such lengths to deprive others of their happiness. With Proposition 8 coming down the pipeline, I frequently hear cries from proponents of the initiative stating that gay marriage is "wrong." But I say, if you truly believe that that's the case, allow these individuals to be judged by their maker. We as human beings have no right to infringe on the bonds that are formed between loving couples and we have no right to interfere with what these couples do in the privacy of their own homes.

Homosexuality is not a disease. Parents shouldn't run around like chickens with their heads cut off, fearing that their children will be infected. Instead of employing fear tactics and preaching divisiveness, individuals should be stressing the importance of tolerance and acceptance. Because as I've noted on this blog before, this era is hauntingly reminiscent of a time when interracial couples weren't allowed to marry.

California was ground zero for the "Bradley Effect." While one can only hope that this effect won't rear its ugly head in relation to Obama, I am secretly fearful of it rearing its ugly head in relation to Proposition 8. Marriage is a social construct. Let us not vote to lock loving couples out of the benefits and strong symbolism associated with marriage. As California goes, so to does the nation. Vote "NO" on Prop 8.

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